Yoga and meditation

"Yoga" and "Meditation" have become the most popular sciences for curing Physical, Mental and Emotional Illness and also for achieving Spiritual Strength. Yoga word is derived or come from Sanskrit language "yuj" which means to tie, link or stability. All healing methods and meditations are part and parcel of Yoga.
Now a day the fame of yoga is growing up in many countrieswhere they teach yoga in the modern form , India where they gain the knowledge of very old yoga and by frequently practice yoga they keep themselves healthy.

Balaut Resort offers you a retreat with restorative and challenging experiences for both body and mind. You will enjoy daily yoga classes, live music, and vegetarian and vegan foods. There will be holistic excursions, plenty of space to relax and a lot of wonderful memories to take back home.

Yoga Retreat in Balaut schedule is as follows:

  • 06:00 am - Wake Up
  • 6.00am-6.30am - Herbal tea, Nasal Cleansing
  • 6.30am-8.30 Asana and Pranayama
  • 8.30am - Breakfast
  • Library time
  • 1.00pm - Lunch
  • 2.00pm-4.30pm - Rest
  • 5.00pm-7.00pm - Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation
  • 7.00pm - Dinner

We will plan an outdoor activity for you on the day off (Short treks, sightseeing tour, etc). And, during your free hours, you can visit places in Nainital.
If you want to take an extra class on Alignments and Adjustments, you may inform the teacher on the required day. We also have theory classes on Philosophy, Anatomy and physiology during the day, which aren't mandatory for you, but you can attend them if you desire.

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